Carevalue Structures
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4 weeks

We created the website for Carevalue Structures. A supply and fix roofing company based in the UK.


Carevalue Structures Ltd are a specialist sub-contractor dealing with the construction of Timber Roof Structures nationwide. Carevalue Structures came to us wanting to give their current website an upgrade. Carevalue knew what they wanted their new website to look like from the get go, and we worked closely with the companies directors to come up with a clean, informative, responsive design that fully embodies the work they do


Using a combination of HTML, CSS, Javascript & Webflow we built the design over the course of 4 weeks. Carevalue Structures wanted their site to consistently display beautiful images of their work whilst also describing their services. We worked closely with directors to come up with a simple but effective business design that really stands out to the user and is responsive across all screen sizes.


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