Heather Andrews
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4 weeks

We created the new website for Heather Andrews, a sound desinger & engineer in Glasgow.


Heather Andrews is a sound designer & engineer based in Glasgow, Scotland. Her body of work spans many different disciplines, including Film, Installation, Television, Radio & Theatre. Heather came to us wanting a simple but stylish website which fully describes what she does as a sound Designer whilst also acting as a portfolio to display images and written content showcasing her unique work.


Over the course of 4 weeks we worked closely with Heather to come up with a unique responsive design, which was then developed by our team using a combination of Webflow, Photoshop, HTML5 & CSS3. We provided Heather with a temporary link which allowed her to follow the development process and have her full input on how things looked. Once Heather was happy with the final product we launched the site to the web and included some of our SEO tactics to ensure the website ranks highly on search engines!


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